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    Does your tax preparer just take your information and prepare a tax return and seldom ask questions or offer advice that will save you money?

    Do you find out at the last minute that you have a big balance due on your tax return?

    We are committed to providing services beyond simply preparing tax forms and the usual number-crunching. We stay involved in business planning throughout the year to ensure you will not have surprises at tax time.

    Tax BooksMcFadyen & Sumner specializes in professional tax planning and preparation, accounting, and financial planning and advisory services for businesses and individuals.

    Effective tax planning depends on year-round attention to your financial affairs and an understanding of ever-changing tax laws and legislation at the federal and state levels.

    McFadyen & Sumner provides a complete range of tax services to meet the needs of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, individuals, estates, trusts and non-profit organizations. Our knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals work to improve each client’s tax position with an in-depth understanding of tax and compliance requirements and a commitment to year-round tax planning.

    Business and individual clients trust McFadyen & Sumner to plan effective tax strategies, prepare tax returns, provide valuable tax advice, and represent them before taxing authorities. Our goal is always to help clients take advantage of every tax benefit in order to minimize their taxes.

    For assistance getting started with your taxes, contact our experts.

    Joyce and I wish to express our appreciation for the manner in which you have prepared our tax returns for years and provided financial advice when needed. Our meetings with you have not only been informative but very enjoyable. Many times, those who deal in numbers communicate in a different way than the average person. This is not the case with our friends at McFadyen & Sumner. Based on our experiences, we highly recommend them for their professionalism and cordiality.

    D. McColl
    Fayetteville, NC